About Us

Complete Custom Work

Many of the shops in the Treasure Valley are moving towards mechanical fabrication. At Top Rock Fabrication, every piece that comes out of our shop has a personal touch to it. We believe natural stone requires a human touch, and we take pride in every piece that leaves our shop. Pride that a machine simply can't provide.

Our Crew 

We are a locally owned family company. The owner, Jamie Bryant is a perfectionist who takes extreme pride in each piece we hand fab and install, His team consist of his wife who works in the office, his son who works in the shop and his nephew who is a countertop specialist. We are proud of the work we do, and will confidently put our name on every piece we send out our door and into your home.

Insured and Guaranteed

Many contractors will cut corners when it comes to insurance, or warranty, but not here. We have all the necessary licenses, insurance, and backing you could ask for! Not to mention, our no hassle warranty on our work.