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About Us

Complete Custom Work

Many of the shops in the Treasure Valley are moving towards mechanical fabrication. At Top Rock, every piece that comes out of our shop has a personal touch to it. Rather than using CNC saws and laser templates, every inch of edge is looked over by our Shop Manager at your template appointment to ensure your new countertop will line up with your walls and windows and account for any notches, bump outs, custom additions, and so forth, giving you a chance to see exactly what we see. We also offer a few different edge choices that can be discussed at your appointment, and those too are rolled by hand during the fabrication process.

Our Crew 

Established in 2015, Top Rock started with just 2 guys. One with the vision and one with the muscles. Over the years, we grew to what we are now as a family owned and operated business serving hundreds of customers every year. While Jamie, the owner, oversees the administrative side, his son, Buck, keeps a close eye and hand over the shop to ensure each project meets your standards and expectations before sending out our amazing, reliable installers to finish the job.

The Process

Whether you're just shopping around for estimates or are ready to rock, we'll start with an email or over the phone conversation to get an idea of what you're doing and lay out a timeline of when to expect us to come in. Since we don't yet provide stone, we'd like you to start there before we're involved so we know what to look for and what we're working with. Once you find the perfect stone and have bases installed, we're ready for an in person meeting and template and in most instances won't ask for a dime until the job is complete. Easy, right?

-Have you checked out Rock Bottom Granite for you material needs? 

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